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Financement PME MTL

A new chapter is being written. We have just received a first payment of $20,000 from PME MTL Centre-Ville for the launch of LESPACEMAKER.

We owe considerable thanks to Jason Prince who was without a doubt the catalyst for our public fundraising efforts. We couldn’t have hoped for a better advisor to represent our project. He instantly understood not only the social value of LESPACEMAKER, but also its character and uniqueness.

On behalf of the entire LESPACEMAKER community, thank you, Jason Prince! Thank you, PME MTL!

PANDEMONIUM III : Végétale Vendetta


On the night of November 5th, LESPACEMAKER invites you to its third annual nightly fundraiser PANDÉMONIUM III : Végétale Vendetta. Come and experience a wild evening in the abyss of our workshops, 2875 Hochelaga in Centre-Sud.

■ 4 rooms including the hangar [Industrial, Live Music, Techno-Prog…]
■ 2 bars [cocktail, microbrewery beers, non-alcoholic, kombucha]
■ Chill Zone
■ Kinky Corner
■ SINema Surréaliste
■ Artistic installations & exhibitions
■ Walking performances, bodypainting and so much more!

100% of the profits from the tickets, drinks and tips will go to the space for the investment in machines and the expansion of the premises.




We need you to tell us about your needs and the community’s existing resources.

We would like to plan the space based on your interests and needs. This step is essential for the project because it will help us confirm the support of our financial partners.

Wood or welding workshop? Screen printing or sewing class?

Tell us what you’re into!




This is great news for the Montreal makers community! After more than two years of gestation, we have signed our lease for the coming years.

LESPACEMAKER will be located at 2875 Hochelaga in Centre-Sud, a stone’s throw from the Préfontaine metro station. This first phase of the project guarantees us a space of 15,000 square feet inside and 5,000 square feet outside as of October 1, 2018.  A second phase will allow us to expand the site to 30,000 square feet.

De’lloween Party

La nuit du 27 octobre, LESPACEMAKER vous présentera la première édition de son pas encore célèbre événement «De’lloween»

De'lloween Party

À l’affiche : un Labyrinthe satiro-horrifiant étendu sur 11 000 pi2, trois ambiances musicales [Techno, Groovy, Live], un Cinédôme d’horreur érotico-surréaliste et au moins une boîte à clown chantant.


LESPACEMAKER communication committee invites you to a get-together BBQ to discuss identity and values of the project. During the evening, we will discuss the needs, ambitions, and wishes of everyone.


LOCATION: Place Charles-de-Gaulle at Lafontaine Park (around 1500 Sherbrooke Street East), 6 p.m.

Baptême : pre-opening party ☾

Saturday 22th of April, LESPACEMAKER invites you to its very first Sleepless ☾ event. On that occasion, you will have the chance to visit the Angus Building and meet the “crazy” people who makes up the project community. Three rooms, three ambiances : Techno, Ethno and Acoustic music !!!


DECEMBER 24 2016

As you probably know, we are preparing the presentation of the project for the principal public subsidies next January. To strengthen the presentation of the project, we hope to include a list of all the interested parties that filled out the online survey.

We are now up to 58 signatures.

Project viability is estimated at 100 active members. To be coherent with this projection, we hope to file funding requests with a list of as this many signatories.

Help us reach this objective by spreading the word about the project.

Lespacemaker Poster
Promotional poster 11x17in to print.

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