LESPACEMAKER’s activity calendars are currently all on Google Calendar. Add the ones that interest you to your personal calendar.

Use the suggested nomenclature to announce your use of tools and equipment or your presence as a person available for supervision of new members.

Write to the management or a committee leader to receive access rights to change calendars.


Général Calendar

🟩 Volunteering opportunities, please contact for more information.

Classes Calendar


Woodshop Calendar

  • CNC (name)
  • Tour (name)
  • SUPV (name)

MetalShop Calendar

  • TIG (name)
  • MIG (name)
  • Tour (name)
  • Fraise (name)
  • SUPV (name)

Bikeshop Calendar

Electronics Calendar

Sewing Calendar

3d printing Calendar

  • Raise (name)
  • Prusa 1 (name)
  • Prusa 2 (name)
  • Prusa 3 (name)
  • SUPV (name)

Screen Printing Calendar

  • Roto (name)
  • T. Asp (name)
  • SUPV (name)

Forge Calendar

Ceramics Calendar

  • Tour (name)
  • SUPV (name)

Laser Calendar

  • Lsr (name)
  • SUPV (name)
  • CUI (name)

Plastic Calendar

  • Shred (name)
  • Inj (name)
  • Presse (name)
  • SUPV (name)

Leather Calendar

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