For Culture Days, we’re hosting a third edition of Libre Cours.

This year’s program includes : Artistic performances, musical stages, craft market, LESPACEMAKER workshop tour, float, refreshments and yum yum.

Artists, please fill in the registration form to exhibit your creations!

LESPACEMAKER members, if you’d like to propose a demonstration, a participatory activity… or anything else. Please fill in the activities form!…/1ZQulc2ecH2jW8UUUx…/edit…

See you soon for more details! 

LESPACEMAKER is officially supported by the City of Montreal and the Ministry of Culture

We are pleased to inform you of the official confirmation that LESPACEMAKER has benefited from the Soutien à la rénovation de bâtiments accueillant des ateliers d’artistes program administered by the City of Montreal. This major financial contribution in the form of a grant will enable us to put into action the renovation plan for Phase A, as well as the expansion of Phases B and C. This announcement also marks the start of the official financing process for the acquisition of the building.

To find out more and have your say on what’s next, we invite you to a Grande Soirée d’information publique on July 20, during which we’ll present the current state of affairs. This will be the time to ask your questions, to reflect together on the future of the workshop and to confirm your involvement in the various action committees (governance, socio-financing, solidarity bonds, etc.).


  • July 20th at 6pm
  • BBQ & BYOB


  • Presenting the current state and celebrating the joyous news
  • Provisional timetable and milestones
  • Explanation of action plan and possible implications
  • Discussion with the community

A number of new committees have been set up to support the development momentum, and the first meeting dates for these new committees are already available to facilitate their launch.


Creation of a campaign production committee, coordination and execution of the campaign.

First meeting on Tuesday 8th August at 6pm


Reflection table on development phases + organization of preparatory work parties + implementation of consultation tools.

First meeting on Wednesday 2nd August at 6pm


Creation of a committee to launch calls for investment in the project.

First meeting on Wednesday 26th July at 6pm

Tica’s Hiring

We are pleased to announce that we have recently hired a new employee, Tica Mikol, to join our team. Tica will be in charge of community management at LESPACEMAKER, an essential role that aims to support the overall coordination of our activities, the coordination and programming of workshops, the management of ongoing communications to members and the LESPACEMAKER community as well as the implementation of new communications tools and protocols adapted to our organization. She will also work on the standardization of internal communications, the development of projects, participation in fundraising events, and the promotion of our organization.

Tica is passionate and committed to the field of culture and new media. She brings a wealth of experience in project management, communications, and community engagement. We are confident that her expertise and drive will be invaluable in helping our community achieve its goals and continue to grow.

In addition to her contribution to the practical coordination of the workshops, Tica will play an essential role in the collective life of our organization. She will support the committees, help integrate new members, and ensure every member feels welcome and included in our community.

We are pleased to welcome Tica. We are confident that her contribution will benefit our organization and that her expertise and commitment will be essential assets in helping our community achieve its goals.

We are counting on the community to welcome her warmly and hope for a positive response for Phase B because the office is getting small!

Movement in the Board of Directors (2023 AGM)

Changes in the LESPACEMAKER Board of Directors

The Annual General Meeting held on April 5th marked the end of the mandate of the 2022 Board of Directors. The Board would like to congratulate Camille Blais who was elected by the assembly. Her positive energy, her involvement and her sensitivity to the reality of women in the maker movement are assets that will be very valuable to the new board.

Let’s also mention the re-elections of Érik Jenkevice and Alaric Bergeron who are undertaking a two-year mandate.

The Board would like to acknowledge the end of the mandate of Richard Lussier who had been appointed for one year to fill a vacant seat. The Board would like to thank Richard for his involvement and hard work, particularly in the recognition of volunteer members, which culminated in the adoption of a change to our general by-laws that recognizes the undeniable contribution of volunteer members to the maintenance and growth of our beautiful project.

In closing, the Board would like to thank Geneviève Thériault who has been an appointed member of the Board since the beginning of the project. Trained as a lawyer, Geneviève was the legal expert of the Board of Directors and her contribution to the different phases of the project’s development would be difficult to quantify… Let’s just say that her passion, her expertise, her dynamism and her great organizational intelligence were at the heart of all the phases of LESPACEMAKER’s creation and allowed the different Boards of Directors of which she was a member to confidently move forward on the legal side of sound management.

Geneviève had made inclusion at LESPACEMAKER her main concern and although the Board of Directors has always had this issue at heart, Geneviève emphasized upon leaving that more concrete actions are needed to achieve our goals. Her last action on this matter was to raise our awareness of the work that remains to be done and the Board of Directors is getting down to work this week to give this issue the importance it deserves and find concrete ways to establish a healthy climate of respect and inclusion of diversity at LESPACEMAKER.

Don’t forget that you can always communicate your ideas, dissatisfactions, suggestions, questions or complaints to the email address CA@lespacemaker.

Hiring of Morgane

LESPACEMAKER is pleased to announce the hiring of Morgane Saint-Cyr as Logistics and Operations Manager. His tasks will be to support the general management in collaboration with the assistant management in the execution of tasks related to the practical operations of the organization, as well as to ensure the good order of the workshops and the implementation of related projects such as the Discount and recovery. Morgane will also ensure communication to the LESPACEMAKER community.

Morgane holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Ecology from the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine and has evolved in a multitude of organizations during his studies. His poise and organizational intelligence make him a prime candidate for the position.

It goes without saying that LESPACEMAKER is in the process of redefining its structure by setting up a management team that will be able to divide up the tasks and meet the challenges according to the skills of the resources in place. With Arno as general manager, Marie-Jade in finance and Morgane in operational logistics, our project has a strong team that will be able to effectively manage the day-to-day work of the workshop and ensure the project growth.

We are counting on everyone’s collaboration to ensure his integration into the project.

CBC News

An interview about the challenge for professionnel artists and artisans to find affordable workshops. (30 janvier 2022)

▼▼ LESPACEMAKER Makes the News ▼▼


For those who have not seen it yet, a nice article on LESPACEMAKER in the Journal de Montréal this morning, thanks to Camille Dauphinais-Pelletier!

Pssst, we always need help with chores and various committees! It is thanks to a motivated volunteer team that this project is possible. “There are 1000 ways to get involved, people here are really hospitable”. Feel free to write to us and come to the space 

►►► Read the full article (french only)


You’ve heard about this community maker workshop project in the Centre-Sud area and want to find out more about LESPACEMAKER’s features, objectives and culture? Come to our information session, where we will explain everything about the project: its intentions, the workshops we’ll be offering, how it works and all the different ways you can participate. At the same time, you can visit the site and tell us how you want to get involved before the official opening.

Snacks and drinks will be served. Paying bar (Fundraising mode).

We look forward to meeting you soon.

17:00 Open House / Apero
18:30 Presentation
20:00 Questions & Discussion


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