Introduction to 3d modeling


If none of the announced dates is convenient for you, please contact the committee by e-mail to evaluate new options.

The class is usually offered in French. If you would like to follow it in English, email us at and we will accommodate you.

This course can be useful for creating unique shapes for 3D printing.

This course is designed for beginners in 3D modeling, and is part of LESAPCEMAKER’s specialized training program. It does not give free access to the 3D workshops.

* If you wish, come with your project that you would like to realize. *

# Index

### Theory (20 min) :

  • Explanation of a 3D
  • What 3D can be used for ?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different types of 3D modeling
  • Software lists
  • Theorical introduction to Magica CSG

### Pratice (2h40):

  • Discovering the interface and navigating in 3D space
  • Basic shape creation, moving, rotating and scaling
  • Explanation of advanced shape parameters
  • Combine several simple shapes to create a complex form
  • Export file for printing or use in other software
  • Image rendering (optional)

After the training, the participant will be able to :

  • Ability to navigate in 3D space
  • Manipulate objects in 3D space (translation, rotation and scaling)
  • Export a model for 3D printing
  • Understand and master 3D image rendering
  • Création de personnages et/ou d’objets seulement

Material list supplied with registration:

All materials are provided for the class.

Training level: Beginner

Prerequisites: None

Number of participants: 1 person


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