POP-UP | Sashiko Workshop with Xiaoxiao Yarn

POP-UP | Sashiko Workshop with Xiaoxiao Yarn


The workshop will be held with a minimum of seven participants. If this is not reached 24 hours prior to the start of the course, you will receive a refund. Thank you !

Come discover the time-honored Japanese sashiko technique for mending and revitalizing damaged textiles!

Sashiko, which translates as “little stabs,” is a traditional Japanese hand-sewing technique that dates back centuries. More than just a method of mending and strengthening the fabric, in modern times, it also reflects the Japanese idea of “mottainai,” which means waste not, want not.

In this beginner’s workshop, explore a range of sashiko and hand-sewing methods. Learn how to apply patches in a unique way, weave both strengthening and decorative sashiko stitches into your fabric, and master efficient hand-sewing using the sashiko approach. After this workshop, you’ll be equipped with the skills to breathe new life into well-loved garments, giving them a distinct flair!

Number of participants: 7 max

Length : 4 hours

Materials covered : All materials and tools will be provided by the workshop

Materials to bring : Students are encouraged to bring an article of non-stretchable clothing or textile they’d like to repair or embellish for consultation, bur it’s not mandatory.

Level : Beginner

Language : English

Instructor : Xiaoxiao Yarn

Xiaoxiao Yarn, artist

Xiaoxiao is a sashiko artist who is super enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge, you can follow her art on Youtube and Instagram.

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