Considering the extension of the red alert period, here is a reminder and update regarding COVID procedures and special measures during the high alert period (red zone).


Since the organization is asked to keep LESPACEMAKER’s activities to a minimum, we ask members to do the same. The workshops are open, but we encourage members to keep their use to a minimum in order to share access and keep the workshops safe.


The population allowed in the workshops is always reduced and the attendance schedule is always in effect. Please remember to always register your attendance before attending the workshops.

Link to the registration calendar.


According to the instructions applicable to the teaching establishmentsclasses will be allowed in small groups (one trainer and two students), with distance and wearing the procedure mask.


During periods of high alert (red zone), it was agreed to revise the workshops visits format to allow for the introduction of new members while maintaining safety in the workshops:


Masked meetings up to 5 people are allowed, no food.

In order to minimize the risk of spreading COVID, it was agreed by the organization to limit the use of the Lobby. Of course, it is possible to pass through, use the refrigerators and microwaves, but it is now forbidden to stroll through and eat there.

You can find a corner of the workshop you attend to eat in (one person at a time), so that at no time two unmasked people are in the vicinity. It is important to choose a suitable place and to clean and disinfect it at the end of the meal.

Understand that the organization is doing everything in its power to keep the workshops open.

* The theoretical portion of the trainings (with mask) is now allowed in the Lobby.


During periods of maximum alert (red zone), we remind you that it is always forbidden to receive non-member guests in the workshops.

However, it was agreed to allow exceptions for visits considered essential (clients). If you absolutely must receive a client (no alternative possible), we ask you to limit his visit to the Lobby (signing in/out register) and to proceed as concisely as possible.

Copy of the communiqué sent to members on November 18, 2020.