CHANGES TO COVID 19 MEASURES (as of November 15 2021)

As of november 15, Quebec government will take a further step in the deconfinement measures, reducing the severity of the measures with which we have been living since the beginning of the crisis.

LESPACEMAKER Board of Directors has always given itself the mission of ensuring the safety of members in face of this crisis by reducing risks while trying to maintain our activities by respecting the rules established by provincial Public Health. It is therefore by following this logic that we are announcing significant reductions in the measures in place at LESPACEMAKER which will take effect from November 15.

First, the Board wishes to reassure members who are more at risk and, by the same token, more reluctant to see these measures disappear. We have carefully assessed the impacts and also believe that all members wish to adopt behaviors that ensure everyone’s safety. This new step towards a return to normal is probably the most ambitious since a significant number of measures will be lifted. It is important for everyone to take care of this freedom by reducing risk by actions rather than constrained by rules. For example, just because you CAN eat in the lobby doesn’t mean it makes sense to have 10 users eating there at noon when you can stagger meal times. Do it yourself to reassure those most at risk and allow us to continue lifting the measures. Here are the measures that remain in effect:

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory at all times except for meals.
  • Respect a physical distance of 1m between individuals.
  • Registration and signing of the register at the entrance.
  • Refrain from attending Lespacemaker if you are experiencing symptoms of Covid until a negative result is obtained.
  • Inform management of a positive Covid test obtained within 14 days of your last visit to Lespacemaker.

It is now possible to:

  • Eat in the lobby (As long as physical distancing of MINIMUM 1 m is possible).
  • Attend workshops without a maximum number of users. It remains important to register online so that members can have an accurate picture of the crowd and choose whether they want to come or wait for a time slot when it is less crowded.
  • Provide training to an unlimited number of participants, whether they are members or not. Note that the trainers determine the conditions of their courses and that the number of places may remain limited.
  • Receive friends and customers who want to visit LESPACEMAKER. A second register has been put in place and it is essential to have it filled in and signed by visitors. You should also ask them to inform you of a positive Covid test obtained within 14 days of their visit.

If the situation deteriorates in Quebec or at LESPACEMAKER, measures could be reinstated.

In closing, some members asked the board: why is the use of the Vaccination Passport not in effect at LESPACEMAKER?

 As a community body, not only is it not required to apply for the passport from users or visitors, but adopting such a measure could lead to legal proceedings. In addition, the Board considers that it is not within LESPACEMAKER’s role to dictate to its members the medical procedures they receive or do not receive. However, we ask unvaccinated members to adopt the safest behavior.