Hiring of Sylvie

In recent months, LESPACEMAKER has had more and more members. In fact, we have reached a record number of 165 members! Although this is undeniably extraordinary, the increase in the population of the workshop also brings its share of challenges for everyone, particularly for the management team who see their tasks considerably increase.

In addition to managing the daily life of LESPACEMAKER, the management team must also ensure the sustainability of the organization and promote the development of the project by creating new initiatives. In addition, it is essential to continue to welcome more members who in turn will help keep the management team busy… It has always been planned to expand the team of employees in a responsible and strategic way. We are now at one of those key moments where adding new forces is just as reasonable as it is necessary.

It is therefore with great pleasure that management and the Board of Directors announce the hiring of Sylvie Deschenes as Deputy Director of LESPACEMAKER! Sylvie is joining the team this week and will support the team by managing day-to-day work, training, welcoming new members, communications, and the thousands of related tasks that make up the catch-all portion of her job description! Before you get carried away, no, those chores don’t include cleaning toilets or managing waste… Nice try, but household chores are still everyone’s responsibility!

Although she is not a member, Sylvie knows the project well. In addition to having worked for many organizations in terms of logistics, human resources management, and event management, Sylvie has a great artistic sense. It goes without saying that all his qualifications and her sincere desire to contribute to taking LESPACEMAKER even further are welcome as the project enters one of its most effervescent and stimulating phases!

We are counting on everyone to welcome her warmly and facilitate her integration at LESPACEMAKER.

– La Direction and the Board of Directors

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